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Myrri – supported housing to strengthen substance-free living

The Myrri housing service unit in the Myyrmäki neighbourhood of Vantaa provides supported housing for people who are recovering from substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Henkilö kävelee kohti Myrrin keltatiilistä matalaa rakennusta. Henkilö kävelee kohti Myrrin keltatiilistä matalaa rakennusta.

The support apartments at the Myrri housing service unit are intended for people in recovery from substance abuse and mental health problems. Myrri has 12 studio units and two three-person units.

At Myrri, we strengthen the substance-free living and life skills of the residents in a multifaceted way with support from a multi-professional team. For example, we provide advice on taking care of matters with the authorities and applying for benefits the customer is entitled to, and we encourage an active lifestyle. Our professional staff are available from Monday to Friday at 8–18.

A community focus

Myrri’s activities are communal based. In conjunction with the office building, there is a common living room where you can use the computer, watch TV and read newspapers. Other common areas include the kitchen, a sauna and a laundry room. We regularly organise various group activities, and we also host regular meetings for various peer support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Residents are also supported as they transition from Myrri to more independent living.

Want to live with us?

Could Myrri be your new home? To get a home at Myrri, first contact your social worker at the social services in your wellbeing services area. Myrri staff also interview each housing applicant. The interview will identify both the need for housing and the applicant’s motivation for substance-free housing.

Housing at Myrri is supported, fixed-term housing based on a contract under the Act on Residential Leases. Residents have the opportunity to participate in work activities.

Contact us

Solkikuja 8 A, Vantaa

Myrri supported housing unit

On-call numbers Myrri
Counselor office, 8.00am–4.00pm Mon–Fri
040 513 0105

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Sahapuisto Myrri
Unit Manager
050 401 2444