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Pessi – versatile supported housing solutions

The Pessi housing service unit, located on Mäkelänkatu in Helsinki, provides supported housing for people experiencing prolonged homelessness with a history of substance abuse and mental health problems.

The aim of the Pessi housing service unit is to improve the housing prerequisites of residents and to enable everyone to have a home. Housing at Pessi is supported housing where daily living and life management are strengthened with the support of staff.

Pessi’s work is based on the Housing First principle, in which being substance-free is not a precondition to housing, but housing is the first step towards rehabilitation. The idea is to secure housing first and to then address other challenges in the resident’s life together with them.

Pessi has 96 apartment units, two of which are for couples. In addition, operating in conjunction with Pessi are the rehabilitative housing community Pessix, with 13 units, and the Somix housing service unit, with 16 units. This brings the total number of apartment units at the Mäkelänkatu site to 125. Social and health care professionals work on site 24 hours a day.

At Pessix, the focus is on rehabilitation

The Pessix rehabilitative housing community is a form of communal living where, in addition to their own apartment units, residents have access to common areas with kitchens and living rooms. Pessix residents attend weekly community meetings and take care of the community’s cleanliness together. Pessix is very strongly oriented towards rehabilitation and gaining independence.

Somix offers very focused help for daily life

The Somix housing service unit offers supported housing and very focused assistance in daily life and life management. Somix is for people who cannot cope with normal supported housing services, but for whom service housing is not the right solution either.

Cooperation with the neighbourhood

Our residents are important to us and we care about their wellbeing. We also actively work to advance tolerance and diversity. We believe that everyone has the right to a dignified life and equal treatment. We respect the dignity of the human as an individual and as a member of society.

We discuss with each person who moves in with us how to take into account the environment around their home. We actively work to ensure that everyone living in a Blue Ribbon home is accepted as part of the neighbourhood. As part of our neighbourhood work, we engage in an ongoing dialogue with our residents, the neighbourhood, and the businesses, institutions and authorities that operate there. We also implement community rounds in the area around the unit.

Active daily life at Pessi

We want to offer our residents the opportunity to live an active daily life. Residents of Blue Ribbon apartments have the opportunity to take part in work activities and they can be paid a monetary incentive for it. Work tasks range from cleaning up the neighbourhood to tending the garden and sorting donated clothing.

We also offer opportunities for training in peer activities. Peer activities also offer an opportunity to learn new skills: cook together, get first-aid training or even a work try-out.

Illusia day centre is also located on Mäkelänkatu, where our customers are welcome. At the Illusia day centre, you can take care of your everyday needs and get support for your life situation.

Want to live with us?

To live in one of our homes, first contact the City of Helsinki’s Health and Social Services’ Housing Support unit or your social worker. Housing with us is based on a contract under the Act on Residential Leases and is valid indefinitely.

Contact us

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