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Substance abuse services in the Helsinki metropolitan area: rehabilitation on your own terms

Our substitution therapy units are located in Helsinki in conjunction with the housing service unit on Ruusulankatu and at the same premises as the Illusia day centre in Vantaa. In addition to opioid substitution therapy, we offer in-home detoxification and home-based outpatient treatment.

Our services are based on an individualised, respectful and holistic approach to our customers and their situation. We offer a safe environment and a relaxed atmosphere where we listen to our customers and work together to find the best solutions to their challenges.

Tailored detoxification in the customer’s home

Detoxification offered in the client’s own home is an intensive substance abuse intervention that typically involves 5–7 meetings with a therapist. During the detoxification period, the client’’s whole life situation can be assessed, and, in addition to the detoxification, we offer discussion support, advice and guidance to networks supporting a substance-free life. Services are confidential and tailored to the individual client’s needs. Detoxification is supervised by a doctor from Blue Ribbon Ltd.

Outpatient treatment to support a substance-free life

Home-based outpatient treatment is a planned and goal-oriented substance abuse rehabilitation programme that typically lasts 2–6 months. The rehabilitation period and meeting content are designed to meet the individual needs of the client.

During home-based rehabilitation, meetings with the client happen one to five times a week, as agreed. These meetings support the building of a meaningful, substance-free life and the development of empowering networks.

At the beginning of rehabilitation, the client’s life situation is assessed, and trust is built. After the assessment, a treatment and rehabilitation plan is developed based on the client’s needs. The client is supported holistically, and together we find anchor points and activities that strengthen resources in everyday life and support a substance-free, meaningful daily life. Various peer groups and peer support can also be accessed together, if the client so wishes.

Home-based outpatient treatment is well suited for those who are able to participate in treatment from home.

A sense of community supports successful substitution therapy

Substitution therapy is a medical intervention for people dependent on opioids. Its aim is to rehabilitate them and to help them become substance-free or to reduce the harms of addiction and improve their quality of life. In addition to opioid substitution therapy, we offer peer and group support services using low-threshold, inclusive methods. Small group sizes, individualised, respectful engagement and a sense of community contribute to helping our clients move forward on the path to recovery.

Seeking treatment in the Helsinki metropolitan area

We have two substitution therapy units in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

As a rule, people seek our substance abuse services through a referral from the Helsinki and Western Uusimaa and the Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services areas’ substance abuse services. Home-based detoxification and in-home outpatient treatment can also be purchased privately.

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Opioid substitution therapy in Helsinki

Ruusulankatu 10, Helsinki
tel. 044 737 7502 (Mon–Sun 8–15.40)
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Opioid substitution therapy in Vantaa

Rautkallionkatu 3, Vantaa
tel. 050 467 5119 (Mon–Fri 8–15.40)
Mon–Fri 9–11

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Substance abuse services
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Substance abuse services
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