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Work and study at Blue Ribbon Ltd

We work every day to help people who are homeless and facing substance abuse and mental health challenges. The customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Työntekijä ja asukas istumassa sohvalla. Työntekijä ja asukas istumassa sohvalla.

We employ more than 160 helping professionals. The largest groups of professionals are practical nurses, social workers and nurses. Additionally, we have professionals working in various fields such as services, administration and real estate.

We give our employees a sense of purpose and empower them to shape their own career path. Would you be our future colleague?

Henkilö tervehtii toimistossa työskenteleviä työntekijöitä.
Open positions

Blue Ribbon Ltd employs more than 160 experts of compassion and care, mainly trained as…

Henkilö kirjoittaa rappukäytävässä liitutaululle viikon ohjelmaa, johon kuuluu muun muassa retki Heurekaan, ruokaryhmä ja luovaa toimintaa.
For students

Students are an important part of our workplace. Many of our interns have become permanent…

Kaksi hymyilevää henkilöä värikkään räsymaton edessä.
Why work with us

Meaningful work, a relaxed and open environment, and a chance to impact one’s work are…