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Sinimittari tool shows the impact of customer work

Sinimittari supports clients in tracking their own rehabilitation and supports us in our work with our clients. It also provides information on the results of our work both for our public sector customers and for the development of our own activities.

Henkilö leikkaa tomaatteja siivuiksi. Henkilö leikkaa tomaatteja siivuiksi.

Sinimittari is a tool developed within the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group to measure the impact of our customer work in five different areas of life: health, finance, wellbeing, daily life management and inclusion.

We use the tool’s information in our day-to-day customer work, in developing our operations and, increasingly, in reporting to our subscriber customers.

Sinimittari is used by us to track the client’s situation and to find ways to make a positive impact on their lives that are appropriate to their daily lives. Sinimittari helps employees support clients in achieving their goals and in tracking the progress towards their goals. In everyday life, the worker discusses these issues with the client and uses Sinimittari as a tool to stimulate discussion.

We want to make the best use of the good, high-quality work we do for our clients, so we systematise the information from Sinimittari into our customer work across the Group.