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Vuorela – motivative, supported housing towards substance-free living

The Vuorela housing service unit offers its residents individualised support on their journey towards a more substance-free, smooth daily life.

Henkilöitä kahvittelemassa Vuorelan asumispalveluyksikön yhteisissä toimintatiloissa. Henkilöitä kahvittelemassa Vuorelan asumispalveluyksikön yhteisissä toimintatiloissa.

The Vuorela housing service unit in Kerava provides supported housing for people rehabilitating from substance abuse and mental health problems and for customers who have otherwise experienced homelessness. The housing is consistent with the housing-first principle and a strong motivation to be substance-free.

Housing at Vuorela is supported housing where professional staff provide residents with individualised support in managing their daily life and life skills. We also support housing through peer support and community building. A wide range of enjoyable activities and events are organised in the communal premises. Staff are on site around the clock.

Vuorela is located in Ali-Kerava, a few kilometres from downtown Kerava, in a pleasant and natural setting with a total of 30 apartments units in row houses and deck-access apartment buildings.

Active, meaningful life

Residents at Vuorela have the opportunity to take an active role in impacting the content and activities of daily life. Vuorela has regular resident meetings as well as group activities and excursions.

We want to offer our residents the opportunity to have an active daily life. At Vuorela, residents can take part in various rehabilitative work tasks for which a small monetary incentive can be paid. A variety of tasks are available, such as cleaning, renovation and yard work, depending on the individual’s ability to work.

We also offer the opportunity to train in peer work and to act as a peer in the community. Peer groups also offer an opportunity to learn new things: cook together, get first aid training or even transition to work try-out.

Want to live with us?

If Vuorela seems like the right place for you, contact the housing support of your wellbeing services area. You can also ask for more information directly from Vuorela staff – we will be happy to tell you more.

Housing at Vuorela is based on a tenancy agreement in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. The apartments are row house units that have private bathrooms and a kitchen. In addition, residents have free access to communal facilities.

Contact us

Vuorelanmäki 1, Kerava

Vuorelan asumispalveluyksikkö

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Team Leader
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