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Substance abuse services in Tampere: a new direction without drugs

Blue Ribbon Ltd’s substance abuse services expanded to Tampere with the opening of a drug treatment unit in August 2023. The new drug treatment unit, called Suunta, is located on Tursonkatu.

Our services for Tampere and Orivesi drug treatment clients include, for example:

  • Community activities
  • Group activities
  • Discussion support
  • Support and assistance with social and health issues
  • Opioid substitution therapy and detoxification

Outpatient drug treatment, individualised and without rushing

Our services target adult users of intravenous and/or street drugs and for whom outpatient services are appropriate for the treatment of substance dependence. The service is based on a customer-centred outpatient drug treatment service model in which the service is flexibly tailored to take into account individual needs, different life situations and fluctuations in treatment motivation.

Access to treatment is based on a low-threshold principle. The principles of care include that no one is pushed out from the service. A customer-centred care plan with a multidisciplinary approach is drawn up for the client, and the client’s progress in the service is actively monitored.

The client is offered various modes of support, including psychosocial support, community and group activities, and pharmacotherapy to alleviate or eliminate drug use and the related mental and social problems. Clients receive timely and tailored services and support during the various stages of treatment, change and transition.

Basic services complemented by additional services

Basic services for every client include psychosocial and medical treatment and monitoring of substance use disorders and co-occurring mild and moderate mental disorders, regular meetings with the individual’s own case worker, group-based psychosocial treatment and community activities. The basic services also include client guidance, advice and assistance in accessing any other services and benefits the client may need.

The outpatient drug treatment basic services are complemented by additional services based on the client’s individual needs and treatment plan. Additional services include opioid substitution therapy, an intensive treatment period and short-term in-home treatment, for example in the event of illness.

Seeking treatment in Tampere

In Tampere, the client can seek the outpatient drug treatment service of their choice. The client can contact the low-threshold Suunta by phone or in person. In Pirkanmaa, the client also has the possibility to switch to a different provider every year.

Service is provided in the outpatient drug treatment unit’s facilities, located at Tursonkatu 6, in Tampere. We are open on weekdays from 12–14 and you can call us during office hours from 8-16. Daily and weekly schedules to be confirmed later. On weekends and public holidays, we only provide pharmacotherapy and telephone advice.

Contact info

Tursonkatu 6, Tampere
(on the corner of Takojankatu and Tursonkatu, accessible from Tursonkatu)
Mon–Fri 12–14

Office phone Mon-Fri 8-16
tel. 044 362 2105

Tuire Ellilä

Substance abuse services
Unit manager / Tampere
044 362 2105