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Blue Ribbon Ltd – so that there’s a place for everyone

Blue Ribbon Ltd provides supported housing and substance abuse services. Our clients are referred to us by the social services or mental health and substance abuse services in the wellbeing services areas.

Supported housing and substance abuse services

As part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group, we work effectively to end homelessness and help vulnerable people.

We provide customer-focused supported housing service and communal and enhanced service housing in Housing First and substance-free units. We also provide temporary and emergency accommodation. Our services also include in-home housing support and outpatient substance abuse services.

Blue Ribbon Ltd employs some 160 people, mainly professionals in the social and health care sector.

We currently have operations in Helsinki and in the Western Uusimaa, Vantaa, Kerava, Central Uusimaa, Southwestern Finland and Pirkanmaa wellbeing service areas.

Blue Ribbon Ltd is a social enterprise.

We are part of the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group

Blue Ribbon Ltd and the Blue Ribbon Foundation together form the Blue Ribbon Foundation Group. Blue Ribbon Foundation develops innovative, low-threshold operating models and makes them a part of the customer’s everyday life. Blue Ribbon Ltd is fully owned by the foundation.

What do we do

We provide effective supported housing and substance abuse services.

Housing First

Everyone has the right to a home, and everyone is worthy of support and assistance.

Neighbourhood work

Active neighbourhood work and its development is an important part of what we do.


Blue Ribbon Ltd’s Board of Directors and Blue Ribbon Foundation Group’s Management Team.

Blue Ribbon Foundation Group

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Group consists of the non-profit Blue Ribbon Foundation and the social…


Our focus on sustainability extends to financial and environmental responsibility along with social impact.