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Mutterimaja – Communal, supported housing

The Mutterimaja housing unit in Tuusula offers peaceful, communal and safe housing in a comfortable setting.

Mutterimajan yhteisötilan keskeltä löytyy yhteinen keittiö. Mutterimajan yhteisötilan keskeltä löytyy yhteinen keittiö.

A home, community and round-the-clock support

Mutterimaja offers home-like supported housing, service housing or enhanced service housing in rental apartments for people who need support in their daily lives, in their housing, and in ensuring their functional capacity around the clock.

Mutterimaja can accommodate 23 customers who have substance abuse and mental health challenges and need supported housing and communal and round-the-clock communal housing.

With us, substance abuse is not a barrier to getting a home. Mutterimaja is run by a multi-skilled professional team with strong mental health and substance abuse expertise. We offer individualised support to strengthen and maintain the health and functional capacity of our residents. Our professional staff are available 24 hours a day.

A safe and comfortable living environment

Access to the apartments, common areas and our welcoming courtyard is unobstructed. A meal service, supervised medication therapy and other services to enhance living and daily life are available based on the needs of the customer.

Mutterimaja is located in a quiet residential area of Tuusula and is an established part of the municipality. The surrounding area offers good opportunities for outdoor recreation and is also close to Tuusula’s services. Tuusula is part of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) area. We work closely with the various operators and the neighbourhood. Weekly rounds to pick up litter in the community are part of our activities.

No one has to be alone

At the heart of Mutterimaja is the main building’s cozy living room where all residents are welcome. We organise a wide range of activities that our residents enjoy in the unit, in the local neighbourhood, and on excursions outside the unit. Everyone can take part in activities that suit their own interests and abilities.

With us, no one has to be alone. In the living room, our residents can use the internet, watch TV, play pool, or read the newspaper. In addition, the sauna is regularly heated for use by our residents.

Want to live with us?

If Mutterimaja sounds like the right home for you, please contact the social services housing support of your wellbeing services county. You can also ask for more information directly from the staff at Mutterimaja – we’ll be happy to tell you more!

Housing at Mutterimaja is based on a tenancy agreement in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. This means that everyone who lives with us has their own rented home. The apartments are row house studios with a private bathroom, kitchen and terrace. In addition to the rent, residents are charged a service fee based on the Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare.

Contact us

Bostoninkaari 11, Tuusula

Mutterimaja, a communal and enhanced service housing unit

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