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Welcome to work with us

Blue Ribbon Ltd employs more than 160 experts of compassion and care, mainly trained as practical nurses, registered nurses, and social welfare professionals Would you be a colleague?

Henkilö tervehtii toimistossa työskenteleviä työntekijöitä. Henkilö tervehtii toimistossa työskenteleviä työntekijöitä.

Open positions in Finnish

If you’re looking for on-call work, submit an open application and we will get in touch with you.

If you’re looking for a permanent contract, but there are no open positions at the moment, contact our HR specialist Niko Kiviniemi via email at We want to hear from you and keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Working at Blue Ribbon Ltd

We invest in the well-being, satisfaction and skills development of our employees.

Work try-out, pay subsidy and community service

We provide opportunities for people interested in work trials and pay subsidy. Additionally, we offer chances for those who need a place to carry out their community service. Became interested? Contact our unit heads.