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Building neighbourliness through neighbourhood work

Active neighbourhood work and its development is an important part of what we do because we want to be good neighbours and an accepted part of the neighbourhood.

Kolme huomioliiviin pukeutunutta henkilöä roskapussien ja roskienkeräyspihtien kanssa poseeraa kameralle kalliolla.

Neighbourhood work is an important part of what we do

Our residents are important to us, and we care about their wellbeing. We also want the neighbours around our housing service units to thrive and to see us both as an active contributor and a good neighbour.

Active work to reduce nuisances and disturbances and to proactively strengthen neighbourliness are at the heart of the day-to-day operations of Blue Ribbon Ltd’s housing services. We value a continuous dialogue with our residents, the neighbourhood and the businesses, institutions and authorities that operate there.

We also aim to promote a positive attitude towards neighbourliness. We believe that familiarity brings security. At its best, neighbourhood work is proactive and contributes to the liveability and safety of the community.

We are easy to reach

Each of our units has an on-call phone number in case of urgent matters concerning our housing service units. The on-call number for each unit is easy to find here For non-urgent matters, it is easy to contact us using the contact form.

Notifications made by local residents near the housing service units are responded to quickly and actively, with the aim being a comfortable and peaceful environment for all.

In case of a suspected crime, the first call should be to the public emergency number 112.

Being a good neighbour is discussed regularly

We talk to each person moving into a Blue Ribbon home about how to take their home environment into account and the kind of neighbourhood they are moving into.

We regularly inform our residents about neighbourhood work practices and engagement opportunities, and we guide them in environmentally responsible conduct. Neighbourhood work and issues raised by the neighbourhood are addressed in the daily operations at the units and at community meetings.

Being visible

We are happy to network with all those who are affected by our activities: residents, neighbourhoods, resident associations, schools, day cares, after-school clubs, health centres, local businesses, agencies, institutions and public authorities.

We are present in the neighbourhood through regular rounds to clean up local communities by collecting litter and drug paraphernalia. During these rounds, we engage with neighbours, we hear from local businesses and we provide information about Blue Ribbon Ltd’s activities and current affairs.

What is neighbourhood work in practice?

  • We encourage the neighbourhood to actively cooperate and immediately report any concerns, for example to the on-call numbers of our units.
  • Local outreach work: community rounds with customers and residents, meetings in local libraries and various volunteer events.
  • Addressing disturbances, such as loud music at night, loud noise in apartments or at unit facilities or grounds.
  • Cooperation with neighbours: regular meetings, regional cooperation meetings, Good Neighbour Network evenings and other neighbourhood events, cooperation with local businesses.
  • Cooperation with the police.
  • Information, lectures, open-house events, community-building events.
  • Open communication.
  • Reporting, statistics, evaluation and development of operations.

We create safety and comfort

When a neighbour contacts us, we respond, and we immediately respond to reports that come to our attention concerning our residents. We work in cooperation with the police on an ongoing basis. For example, together with the preventative police force we can make a difference in neighbourhood safety and enjoyability through rapid response and intervention.

In our experience, getting to know each other in the neighbourhood and in the units has a significant impact on attitudes and dispels common prejudices. We actively look for new ways to help our residents and their neighbours better understand each other and feel safe living in the area.

If you are our neighbour and would like to be involved in developing neighbourliness with us, please contact our unit. You can find the numbers of the units on their own pages or from the contact details.

Neighbourhood work is also being developed by Blue Ribbon Foundation’s Home for All activities; the employee contact info can be found here .

Contact us

Neighbourhoods are important to us, and we want to play a role in promoting good neighbourly relations, liveability and safety. We want to be easy to reach and we want to listen to our neighbours.

Use the contact form to get in touch with us or to report an incident you have observed. Please be as specific as possible about the incident: what happened, when and where.

Please remember that in an emergency situation, you should always call 112, and in non-urgent cases, such as those involving property, you should first and foremost report a crime.

Kirsi Veijola

Neighbourhood Work Specialist
050 570 3517