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Services and solutions from a specialist in homelessness and substance abuse

Blue Ribbon Ltd is a prominent specialist and service provider in supported housing and outpatient substance abuse work. We constantly measure and develop our activities and their effectiveness.

Neljä henkilöä kokkaavat yhdessä keittiössä. Neljä henkilöä kokkaavat yhdessä keittiössä.

We provide customer-focused supported housing service and communal and enhanced service housing in Housing First and substance-free units. We also provide temporary and emergency accommodation.

Our services also include in-home housing support, which we provide in homes rented through us and in our client’s’ own homes. Additionally, we provide outpatient substance abuse services, such as in-home detoxification, outpatient treatment at home and opioid replacement therapy.

Our clients are mainly referred to us by the wellbeing services counties’ social services or by substance abuse and mental health service professionals.

Our approach is strongly goal-oriented, which supports our client’s progress along the rehabilitation pathway. We measure the effectiveness of our customer work and monitor the client’s situation using, e.g., our Sinimittari tool. We also regularly collect data about the customer experience.

Our approach to working with our public sector customers is flexible, innovative and solution-focused. We are open to new ways of working, and, for example, we pilot new approaches in our services based on client and public sector customer feedback. We are also happy to collaborate with you in, e.g., drafting individual client plans.

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