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Homes in supported housing units

In our units, we offer a range of supported housing solutions for homeless people who have a background of substance abuse and mental health challenges or other life situations that make successful housing difficult.

Support for successful housing in your own home

We provide customer-focused supported housing service and communal and enhanced service housing in Housing First and substance-free units. We also provide temporary and emergency accommodation.

Our residents are important to us, and their wellbeing is a priority. The aim of supported housing services is to ensure successful housing and to strengthen the resident’s ability to manage their daily life on their own terms. We also offer our residents goal-oriented support on the pathway to rehabilitation and a more independent, meaningful life.

Become a resident through the wellbeing services countys social services  

To be eligible for a rental unit from us, you must have a history of either prolonged or recurrent homelessness, as well as substance abuse and mental health challenges. To get a home, you must first contact your local wellbeing services county’s social services, as applying for our housing requires a positive housing decision from social services.

We have supported housing services in Helsinki and in the West Uusimaa, the Vantaa and Kerava, the Central Uusimaa and the Southwest Finland wellbeing services counties.

What is it like living at Blue Ribbon? 

In our housing service and communal and enhanced service housing units, residents live in their own homes, i.e. in rented apartments, which are subject to the Act on Residential Leases. Residents are supported by our staff who are trained in the social and health care field. Depending on the unit, support is available 24 hours a day or on weekdays.

Blue Ribbon has supported housung units that are substance-free and units where substance abuse is not a disqualifier. Once housing is secured for the person experiencing homelessness, it is easier to find the ability to move forward on the rehabilitation path or to stabilise their life situation. This cannot be done from the street.

In our services, each of our residents is treated as an individual with their own challenges, needs and aspirations. We have a number of customer-centred rehabilitation models, and our professional staff will help find the one that is best for each individual.

Get to know our supported housing units

Pessi – Helsinki

Pessi aims to improve the housing prerequisites of residents and to enable everyone to have…

Henkilö hoitaa Ruusulankadun asumipalveluyksikön edustan kukkaistutuksia.
Ruusulankatu – Helsinki

The 90-bed Ruusulankatu housing service unit operates on the housing-first principle, whereby housing is the…

Asukas hoitaa Sahapuiston asumispalveluyksikön yhteisötilan ikkunalaudalla kasvavia kasveja.
Sahapuisto – Vantaa

Sahapuisto provides supported housing especially for people who have experienced prolonged homelessness and also have…

Henkilö kävelee kohti Myrrin keltatiilistä matalaa rakennusta.
Myrri – Vantaa

The support apartments at the Myrri housing service unit are intended for people in recovery…

Henkilöitä kahvittelemassa Vuorelan asumispalveluyksikön yhteisissä toimintatiloissa.
Vuorela – Kerava

The Vuorela housing service unit offers its residents individualised support on their journey towards a…

Mutterimajan yhteisötilan keskeltä löytyy yhteinen keittiö.
Mutterimaja – Tuusula

The Mutterimaja service housing unit in Tuusula offers peaceful, communal and safe housing in a…

Temporary accommodation in Turku and Kerava 

We offer longer term temporary accommodation at Linnakoti in Turku and services suitable for emergency accommodation needs at the Vuorela Sotelli in Kerava.

Find out more about our temporary accommodation units  

Henkilöitä kahvittelemassa Vuorelan asumispalveluyksikön yhteisissä toimintatiloissa.

Vuorela shelter in Kerava  

The Vuorela 10-person shelter is a short-term accommodation for homeless customers in the Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county. Customers are directed to the shelter via the Koisonranta service centre.

Customers are served an evening and morning meal, and they have access to washing and laundry facilities. Accommodation is in rooms with one to three beds. The shelter is open from 21:00-09:00.

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Support directly in the clients’s home   

We provide in-home housing support services for clients in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Turku. The support and coaching help to improve the clients housing skills and life management. The aim is to ensure a meaningful daily life and permanent housing in one’s own home and thus prevent the recurrence of homelessness.