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Customer-focused, impactful services

Our customer work emphasises respectful encounters, a coaching and inclusive approach, and effective solutions and service models based on individual needs.

Henkilöt tekevät yhdessä salaattia. Henkilöt tekevät yhdessä salaattia.

Homes in supported housing units

In our housing service units, we offer a variety of supported housing solutions for homeless people who have a background of substance abuse and mental health challenges or other health concerns or life situations that make housing success difficult.

The aim of our supported housing service is to ensure housing success and to strengthen everyday life management from the resident’s own starting points. We offer our residents individual, goal-oriented support on their journey to rehabilitation and a more independent, meaningful life. We use a range of customer-centric rehabilitative service models.

Our Housing First housing service units Pessi and Ruusulankatu are located in Helsinki and are intended for Helsinki residents.

Of our units, the following accept residents without wellbeing services county restrictions:

  • Sahapuisto, a Housing First housing service unit in Vantaa
  • Vuorela, a housing service unit towards substance-free living in Kerava
  • Myrri, a substance-free housing service unit in Vantaa
  • Mutterimaja, a Housing First communal and enhanced service housing unit in Tuusula

At Linnakoti in Turku, we offer longer term, supported temporary accommodation for clients of the Southwest Finland wellbeing services county.

In-home support for housing success

In Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Turku, Blue Ribbon Ltd provides in-home service directly in the customer’s home. The service is intended especially for long-term homeless people who have a history of substance abuse and mental health problems, but it can also be used as part of homelessness prevention efforts.

With the in-home supported housing service, the client is provided with a personal caseworker and a rental apartment arranged by Blue Ribbon Ltd, but the service can also be provided in the client’s own home.

We offer individual support and housing coaching to strengthen the client’s resources, to ensure smooth everyday life management and to create cooperation networks. Our multi-professional team works with client in a goal-oriented way using a variety of customer-centric approaches.

Services towards becoming substance-free

Blue Ribbon Ltd’s substance abuse services offer clients in-home detoxification, home-based outpatient treatment and opioid substitution therapy in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Tampere. We provide home-based substance abuse services tailored also to other wellbeing services counties.

Our operations are based on personalised, respectful encounters with clients and holistic consideration of their situation. We offer a safe environment and a relaxed atmosphere where we listen to our clients and work together to find the best solutions to their challenges.

We regularly measure customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of our treatment services in order to further develop our activities