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The Housing First model secures a fundamental right – the right to a home

The Housing First model is based on the premise that housing is organised first and then other challenges in the resident’s life can be addressed together with them.

Työntekijä näyttää asiakkaalle tietoja puhelimelta. Työntekijä näyttää asiakkaalle tietoja puhelimelta.

Everything starts with the right to a home

Managing everyday life or rehabilitating from substance dependency and mental health challenges is very difficult to do from the street. The premise of the Housing First model is that housing is a fundamental right of every person and the first step to enabling the rehabilitation of people experiencing prolonged homelessness.

The model considers that housing does not have to be earned, for example through abstinence from substance abuse or some other lifestyle change. Everyone has the right to a home, and everyone is worthy of support and assistance to succeed in housing, to strengthen life management skills and to reduce substance dependency.

Housing First – but not just housing

Blue Ribbon Ltd is one of Finland’s most significant Housing First operators. We have both unit-based Housing First services and in-home housing support services, which also follow the Housing First principle.

Our residents receive support and guidance in daily life and life management challenges, accessing social, health and substance-abuse services, applying for benefits, and reducing substance dependence and harm caused by substance abuse. A range of activities to increase independent living skills and meaningful daily life are also part of our supported housing services.

Development together with residents

We are continuously planning and developing our activities together with our residents and our public sector customers. For example, we have increasingly incorporated rehabilitative models into all our supported housing services and will continue to do so. We are also constantly developing our work and peer activities. We encourage and enable our residents to have inclusive experiences, and we strengthen the sense of community.